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Three years ago, tween heartthrob turned thirst trap Nick Jonas filmed Careful What You Wish For, an erotic thriller in which he takes his shirt off a lot, loses his virginity to his married neighbor (Isabel Lucas), unwisely continues the affair, oh, and (spoiler!) gets duped into killing her husband (Dermot Mulroney).I’m proud of Joe and excited for this chapter in his life, but I prefer to be my own artist in a sense and just do my own thing.You’ve said this album has some of the most personal songs you’ve ever written. Look out for songs like “Chainsaw,” “Champagne Problems,” “Comfortable,” which is the last song on the album, and “Good Girls,” a collaboration with Big Sean.

His early “ Blue Period” of 1901 to 1904, named for the somber palette of the canvases, explores themes of poverty, loneliness, and despair, a response to the suicide of his friend Casagemas, with whom he had first traveled to Paris.In 1904, he settled permanently in Paris, where he would remain for the majority of his life, and became part of the artistic milieu of the bohemian Bateau-Lavoir district.There he met poets such as Guillaume Apollinaire and Max Jacob, who became early commentators on and champions of his work.Following World War I, Picasso’s work turned away from Cubism towards an exploration of a classicizing mode, and his work of the interwar years often explores mythological subjects such as minotaurs, centaurs, and satyrs, as well as sculptural figures clad in togas.His work of the late 1920s also reflects the influence of Surrealism, with depictions of ambiguous, anthropomorphic objects and grotesquely distorted figures.

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