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Apple has updated their App Store rules to require the publication of loot box odds in games.Apparently taking a page from China’s regulations for gaming, the App Store guidelines now includes the following: Mission 12: Operation Hydra (the second critical mission) is the second outright failure of the campaign.Despite some widely reported technical issues, it appears Battlegrounds will be as big of a hit on consoles as it is on the PC. Beyond Skyline is a fitting sequel to Skyline in that the only interesting thing that happens happens at the end. Is that what’s going to happen to the magical superbaby in Beyond Skyline?Who knows, because now the credits are rolling and there was never any of the Aussie ingenuity, sass, and glee that made Wyrmwood so good.We knew something was up when Biggins walked into the briefing hut with a stern look on his face, even though we hadn’t done anything wrong recently.

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As they walk away from the smoking ruin, Agnes clutches her newly won unicorn and snarls, “It’s so fluffy! It is ragged with mad glee at the fluffiness of the unicorn, now locked in her fingers. But the ragged mad glee once she gets her hands on it.He even counted the objectives out on his fingers so we’d get it.Unfortunately, Left_Empty didn’t get it, because he kind of spazzed out as we passed over the second site and dropped a rack of bombs on the AA emplacement just before the launch pad passed into his bombsight.He’ll probably be bragging about that back at the barracks as well.Continue reading → You can find a gun in Grand Theft Auto V’s GTA Online mode right now that can be unlocked for use in Red Dead Redemption 2.

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