Jeff branson elizabeth hendrickson dating

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I'm just being really strategic about it because I don't want to ask for anything and then not be able to deliver.We're just trying to get through the pilot right now, and if that takes off, then of course.But there have been a lot of ideas stirred up that I would love to take advantage of.I have so many talented friends, and especially since she'll be dating, I know a lot of guys in the soap world.She'll be going on a lot of dates, and then she's also going to have girlfriends she needs to bounce things off of.But at the same time, those people also have great-paying jobs and they're very busy, and that's another reason why I want to make a really great pilot. It's at ,000 because I want to make it as good as possible so it can continue and people can be a part of it. We're in the process of casting it right now, really trying to make the choice on who should play Max's best friend, who is actually going to be her gay male best friend.You know, like little things like as the show continues, and hopefully it will take off swimmingly, I'll be able to put up two different profiles of who Max can go out on a date with, or what should Max wear on a date, or maybe different hairstyle changes, fashion, wherever we can include them in the process. It was really something that just sounded different and cool.And like I said, the way I've been dealing with my fans and how I get to hear through Twitter or before Twitter existed, I would get boxes and boxes of letters of how people were seeing and experiencing things.

I put my toe in and then freak out and back up, but now it's changing. I remember when Tinder first came out, and it was such a big secret.

However, others are happy that Y&R hasn't followed in the footsteps of other non-traditional daytime stories like The Bold and the Beautiful's Maya/Myron shocker, General Hospital's Lucas and Felix storyline, and the romance between Days of our Lives' Sonny and Will.

But how does Elizabeth Hendrickson, who recently departed the canvas as Kevin's ex-wife, Chloe Mitchell, feel about Rikaart's statements?

And then to be there and have that amazing experience of being in one of the first lesbian relationships in daytime, which then helped me continue on to Y&R.

The fans have so much to say, they're just not always heard, and I thought this was a great place for me to do something on my own and get their input and really have them be involved. I want the fans to work together, and that's why we're trying to put it out there, to let them know that this can be a possibility if they choose to hop on board...

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