Validating file upload control

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Let us take a scenario where we have a gridview in that we have a checkbox column and one file upload controls column and a common submit button outside gridview.And in this if we check a rows checkbox and we need to check whether the file upload control contains any value or not.Bill Evjen Reuters December 2005 Applies to: Microsoft ASP.

So this validate function will be called when the button is clicked. He is the author of some of most popular e-books which encompass technical Interview on Interview Questions and Answers, ASP.NET MVC Interview Questions and Answers, Angular JS Interview Questions and Answers and LINQ Interview Questions and Answers. NET so the file can be saved to the specified folder. NET account is not enabled to write to the folder you want, simply open up Microsoft Windows Explorer and navigate to the folder to which you want to add this permission.Right-click on the folder (in this case, the Uploads folder), and then select Properties.

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