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The story of Bible-thumping Baptists, beer-swilling bar trash and everyone in between in a small Texas town, contrasted with the appearance-driven world of Hollywood and the hysterical comedy and tender poignancy that come from learning to be yourself and love the family you have instead of the family you want".I have never seen this show, nor would I want to, but it seems to have made sufficient impact to have inspired this tribute deck. On the third of November I drew attention to a number of decks inspired by the Alice in Wonderland theme.

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Go to Archive 3 - entries from 2nd November 2007 to 30th November 2008.

The premise of the show follows a brief mockumentary about the shot-for-shot remaking of a TV series opening credits sequence followed by the remake itself.

If you love the Comedy Bang Bang pod cast, you will enjoy this.

About a year ago I also purchased the artwork for their Hieronymus Bosch inspired designs.

These are the original drawings, rather than an actual published deck.

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